About Me

My name is Steve, I’m of Irish and French decent. I have spent many years in the tech industry working for ISP’s and software companies, working myself from the ground floor as a customer service agent to customer care manager at flagship software companies. I currently work for a top software company that develops revolutionary Windows PC tune-up software, in their IT department. It would be a conflict of interest for me to mention them by name, sorry (its simple CMA really).

I have been interested in computers since the 1980’s however my original interest was law enforcement, having graduated two different police academies, as I wanted to follow in my mom and dad’s footsteps, both long retired now.

My first system was an old CP/M machine, my second was an old Osborne 1 from the Osborne Computer Corporation that I purchased from a ham radio swap meet. I love ham radio too. Anyways, I began putting together 8088 systems for people out of my apartment in San Pedro while managing a Marina (my primary job) and then war broke out so I took a bit of a detour. A long detour.

Getting back, I worked for a couple of computer companies building computers to customer specs, such as the Compaq Portable III (an oldie) LOL and 286 which had just busted onto the scene. I left that and took a break at invitation of a friend of mine to work over on Catalina Island. I worked on Catalina Island, in Two Harbors, working and managing the campgrounds, working in the store, driving the school bus back and forth to Avalon and other heavy trucks to pick up supplies.

After a couple years of this I left to attend the Police Academy again, graduated and the computer bug hit me again. If I knew what I do now I would have hit computer forensics like a time bomb but – who knew the industry would explode like it did.

I worked for MTA (Fairbox Division) on the Blue Line, Red Line and Green Lines. Mostly the Blue Line as the Red Line was still under construction and not open yet. It was interesting working in the tunnels during construction. It was equally interesting working on the Green Line from development to finished light rail system. Im glad to have been a part of that but I still have the philosophy that mass transportation does not work in SoCal. These guys need to go to Hong Kong to see how mass transportation actually works. I love Hong Kong and met (over Yahoo Messenger) and married my wife (Filipino) there. We have twin boys who are awesome – shout and props to my boys!

Well after that I hit Earthlink, started as an agent, was an illegitimate third, lead and squad supervisor, sometimes supervising up to three teams of agents depending on what Supe’s did not show up on any given day. I say illegitimate because I had the roles but not the official titles. Why should they pay for what they got for free right? Sigh.

Worked for a few other ISP’s and then worked for an automation software company, at the time known as Unisyn software, they have changed their name now. They make really great automation software but it’s a conflict of interest for me to say anything further being whom I work for now.

After Unisyn I started at my current company, starting from the ground up but I took to it really quick being the experience I had built up over the years. I love the company I work for and its great the way they are always changing the rules of software design. Its like working for a revolutionary who is slowly taking over the world, so to speak.

In 2002 I met my wife, Filipina working in Hong Kong, flew to Hong Kong and married her. We have two beautiful twin boys, one on the high functioning autism spectrum so every day life is interesting. As of this we have passed our 10 year mark and I have to say the Lord blessed me something good with my wife and kids.

Aside from everything else I like to draw, paint, make Shakuhachi flutes, cigar box guitars and dabble in electronics. Soooo anyways that’s me, just living it large with the stuff I like to do.