About this blog

学生になる教師になる学生を、必ず is Gakusei ni naru kyōshi ni naru gakusei o, kanarazu or Be the student, become the teacher, become the student. My blog is senaka de oshieru which roughly translates to teach by example or by showing. Its what I like to do and a good rule to follow.

When we start to learn something we are the student, but we never actually stop being students. At some point in our learnings in life we turn both teacher and student, that is, we pass on what we have learned and continue on our quest to learn more – it’s never ending. So whether sharing or learning, we first become the student, share what we have learned and continue to become the student to learn more. It can be applied in all facets of life really.

I like all kinds of things so my blog will eventually have everything from tech to perhaps my love of the Philippines or my interests in Japanese symbols and language. Could be on the paranormal, conspiracies, food, ham radio, computers, electronics, just being a mad scientist, creative writing or anything else. I have such a wide range of interests.

If you’ve stopped by for the first time, please enjoy and check back once in awhile to see what my blog is up to.