Refurbishing Sister Intel i3 PC’s

My company moved locations and in the early stages, while at the old building, the IT Department got rid of what it considered e-waste, allowing employees to take what they wanted that was out on a desk area.

Some grabbed monitors, some RAM, etc. On the table I saw a pair of HP p6330f’s that had Intel’s (MS-7613) instead of AMD’s. Of course I had to jump on both of them since it is not very common to find Intel processors in non-server HP machines.

One had no RAM or HDD, the other had 8GB RAM and no HDD. I started on the latter one, blowing out the dust bunnies, cleaned contacts, installed HDD and wound up with a nice Windows 8 box.

For the computer that had no RAM or HDD, I had 4GB of DDR3 ( 2 x 2GB) in my drawer and a 500GB HDD I kept from my older Vista computer. After cleaning up the system I installed the RAM, HDD and it fired up. I installed Mint flavor of Linux on it.

Final Refurb Specs:

Box 1: Intel i3 processor, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, DL DVD w LightScribe, 15-in-1 multimedia card reader. Windows 7 Professional.

Box 2: Intel i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DL DVD w LightScribe, 15-in-1 multimedia card reader. Linux Mint.