Why McDonald’s . . . . Why??????????

IMG-20111202-01695Why do I subject myself to this kind of punishment? Yes, I am out in the street, wasting gas at idle, sighing like my fellow humans (being politically correct and not singling out male, female or those in between)  turned idiot because we want that jump start of American, over-priced, high in fat, sodium and other shit we call breakfast. Come to think of it, in my life-time I have never actually seen Ronald McDonald eat a damned thing at the Golden Arches (McDonald’s), even on the commercials, hmmmmmm.

Well that makes me think and I have to wonder how many clown phobia people stay away from McDonald’s because they hate clowns. Maybe? Somebody? Anybody? I wonder how many Ronald McDonald’s have been attacked in the good ‘ol US of A? Any PETA attacks there Ronnie for all the chickens, cows or horses that were killed while representing the company that makes you dress up like the Joker’s punk-assed twin from another dimension and throws you that check?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a meat eater like the next dude that understands the food chain. I just Googled Ronald McDonald attacked and am amused with the results. This is not what I was looking for but it made me laugh just the same and made my day. Oh well, I’m next, time to order.