LS800 and Windows Performance Toolkit

I have so much data to review now for my tests over time using Microsoft’s Windows Performance Toolkit. I was using version 4.7 from the Windows 7.1 SDK but have since grabbed the newer version 4.8 from the Windows Developer Preview with Developer Tools and Apps DVD ISO (64-bit version I downloaded but it should be on 32 and 64-bit ISO’s. My ISO is named en_windows_developer_preview_with_developer_tools_and_apps_x64_dvd_735220 (which you can Google). I also used Microsoft’s Velocity Test Suite.

In order to use the newer Windows Performance Toolkit version files I installed both MSI’s for the Suite and for WPT 4.8, created a folder named OLD in the elder 4.7 folder and moved those files to it, then copied the newer 4.8 files over. The files are all named the same so Velocity does not know the difference, so long as it can find them in the same expected installed path it looks at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit.

I’ll piece some stats together once I’ve finished processing and reviewing ETL and summary XML data that I have crunched. Dont take any of it in a literal form though, this is simply something I have wanted to do to show how some older technology is still useful and works. More to come….


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