LS800 running Windows 7

My LS800 tablet never ceases to amaze me, so far I have run several derivatives of Linux including Ubuntu and Fedora, Android x86, Meego, ChromeOS, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista and now Windows 7. I am going to try Windows 8 by the weekend as soon as I image the current OS I have installed. Will post my findings. All in all the responsiveness of the tablet is pretty good, can’t wait to install my ArtRage and SketchBook Pro back to it. I have a brief video as well on my YouTube channel at


2 thoughts on “LS800 running Windows 7

  1. I have installed windows 7 on the tablet but I get this weird thing. The pen does not work from the tip, but from the other end (where the cord is) it works perfectly. Do you have any idea about it?

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