I Hate Aphids

So I was looking at my midget lemon tree and saw a bunch of clumps of stuff on several branches as well as noticed that there was a lot of ant activity. I looked more closely at the branches and thought perhaps they were aphid eggs so I did a little research and found that was exactly what they were. The ants were essentially taking care of them but ion a weird sort of way. The ants stroke the aphids with their antennae and that causes the aphids to excrete  honeydew, which is a digestive by-product. At some point the aphids made it to the midget tree first and excreted honeydew which drew in the ants. Still, i hate it. I am now trying non-pesticide ways of getting rid of the ants and drying up the aphids. I may just net off the tree and stick a bunch of lady bugs in there. Lady Bugs are an aphids worst nightmare.

Today i tried spraying white vinegar and sprinkled cinnamon, which ants are supposed to not like. If that doesn’t work I will try corn meal. They will supposedly take it into the colony, eat it and when they take in moisture the cornmeal will swell and essentially kill them.

Here are some pictures and I will non-shamelessly plug my Nikon Coolpix L620 at the same time for its awesome 18MP photos. I don’t normally upload higher MP graphic images but click to view if interested.


Solar Charger Project

I wanted to make my own solar charger and finally got around to collecting some stuff for my concept project. The solar cells I raided from 99 Cent store when they had solar gardening lights at .99 each and a large solar cell one from solar cell phone charger that was broken by accident maliciously. The primary phase of this project is combining the solar cells to create a large, more powerful solar cell to deliver the higher voltage necessary to charge a 12v lead acid battery (scavenged from an AT&T universal power supply).   So far I am able to yield 19vDC from the array of seven solar cells which isn’t bad. What I will need to work on next though is a charging circuit that would bump up the voltage but not allow overcharging or allow voltage to escape. Since I intend to want to charge my iPhone or iPad I will also need to add a circuit to the USB receptacle to fool the data pins on the devices into thinking they are in a real product charger. Otherwise I will get a message that the device is not supported by the charger. more pictures as this project progresses.

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Wife’s Cross Project

I had gone through making several iterations of crosses for my wife to wear before settling on the final one. I carved our crosses out of oak and both originally started out quite small but the final ones are a little larger than normal. It’s my gift to her for the after-life, this old Irish guy to my beautiful Filipina girl.

My wife was holding her cross at the viewing and it will follow her into the next world as the Mortuary assured me she would be cremated with it. I have finally finished mine which I mounted her wedding ring on and that will ultimately hold some of her ashes once I get them, as well as some of her hair. I opted for something a bit more simplistic in design but still used the cross I had made.

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Bring Cristina Home

My beautiful and shining wife of thirteen years, Cristina Carlos Gossett, has unfortunately passed away on Thursday, February 24, at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. She leaves behind her husband, awesome twin boys, mother, and family and friends from all over the globe.

My wife comes from a large Catholic family, born and raised in the awesome place of Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines. More of her passing can be read in the loose diary towards the bottom.

My wife was a shining heart, always on top of family, on top of her siblings helping them out whenever possible, helping friends out, she was a beautiful caring individual. She gave so much of herself in her brief 52 years, touching the people she met in different ways. So much so, that the outpouring of her passing has reached friends and family in multiple countries.

She was a freelancing CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant, liked to work mostly nights, which she loved, essentially doing her own thing her own way. One of our sons has high functioning autism so her schedule gave her the flexibility in making sure both our boys got to after school study programs, activities or services during the day. I would take over in the late afternoon and evening, or sometimes work from home to help out in getting things done.

I have shared a lot of best times with my wife but none have surpassed our meeting in Hong Kong, the boys being born or when visiting family in the Philippines. It’s sometimes amusing to be the only Americano in the barrio. I could write pages on my beautiful honey bunnie.

I met my wife over Yahoo Messenger back in 2002 while she was working for a family in Hong Kong and after chatting and calling off and on we spoke of marriage so I decided to fly to Hong Kong to meet her.

We were married the following year, 2003, in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Shortly after I had arrived back home she called me to let me know she had been to see her doctor and that she was pregnant. She asked me if I was sitting down and told me the awesome new that she was with twins, both boys.

When I was last in Hong Kong we got a lot of paperwork done for her to come to the US but since she told me of the pregnancy I started contacting people at the state department and INS to expedite papers, which I was successful in doing, so she was here in the US by middle of 2003, giving birth a few months later.

My wife’s father passed away a few years after we married and we couldn’t get a flight to the Philippines. My wife said her goodbye over the phone as one of her siblings held it up to her father’s ear from some 10,000 miles away. I never forgot that. We decided to have her mom come live with us and post paperwork she was here in about a years time. Here mom is like my mom and she loves the boys so much.

The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life is come home to tell my wife’s mother that her daughter had just passed away. The second hardest thing was telling my boys.

Our boys are 12 years old and will be 13 soon. As I am thrust into being not just a single parent but a widower, I remain on top of things as best I can and remain taking care of her mom. As I said her mom is like my mom. I love my wife’s family and it’s tough on all of us, no doubt about it.

Because of the soulful heart my wife had, in no way did she deserve to leave the earth the way she did, and neither she nor her family deserve the injustice bestowed upon her here in the states by the medical system or the coroner’s office.

A Victim of Healthcare

To borrow in summary from the loose diary below, I mainly believe that my wife died as a victim of the bureaucracy of the health care system and doctor’s who wouldn’t listen to us complaining about her pain. Her primary care physician is questionable at best. He wouldn’t sign the death certificate because he said she shouldn’t have passed away (causing even more pain for us). However, he knew her condition and my wife had complained about how much pain she was in.

She had finally got a referral to a specialist to do an ultrasound and he was flat out shocked by not only how many fibroids my wife had but their size. We explained to him that she was having severe trouble and pain having bowel movements.

More can be read below but the end result was he said he will make the call for a cancer specialist who specializes in this kind of thing. Despite him saying she needed hysterectomy surgery right away it did not happen. We saw the cancer specialist who saw her for all of about five minutes, without any intrusive examination, agreed she needed surgery and then essentially left the room saying the girl handling scheduling will help us.

She gave us a surgery date of just about a month out and we were both shocked. She couldn’t give us anything earlier because she said the doctor was going on vacation. We were both speechless on the way home and I recall remarking to her at home that those doctors are idiots. So because her primary doctor would not sign the death certificate that meant that the coroner had to take her. That was on February 25 and they have had her ever since. As of today, March 11, they said it could be up to another ten days before her body is examined.  That puts this possibly into April until her body is examined.

This situation is most appalling and adds nothing but added grief for my family and extended family in the Philippines. Nobody deserves to be treated like this, not even our dearly deceased. What is happening to my wife is really on the bounds of unforgivable. We have essentially given up on having a proper viewing at all. We are so beside ourselves with grief and this adds to it ten-fold.

Seeking Help

Our deceased loved ones do not have a voice for this but the ones left behind.  Changes need to made and whether foolish or not, this is my way of getting the word out.

Because of the length of time it is taking the coroner’s office, I have tried many outlets in seeking anyone who can help and so far it seems nobody can. Among the many I have contacted include the Philippine Catholic Church, our own Archdiocese in Los Angeles, the Philippine Consular General, Congressman Adam Schiff, Congresswoman Judy Chu, Filipino newspapers, Filipino news organizations as well as our own local news outlets via Facebook, Twitter or Googling email addresses. The only return I got was from the Philippine Consular General telling me that they can’t get through to the coroner. Not even a response from my own Congress people.

Bringing Awareness

As of the day my wife was assigned a number, put in a body bag and stuck in a refrigerator, she was the 1,578th person to die in Los Angeles County since January 1, 2016. Every day I call the coroner’s release desk at 323-343-0506 and told she is not scheduled for examination. As of three days ago, I was told by a nice young lady at the corner that they are just starting to get into the 1300’s. My foremost thought is what the hell is going on with so many dead? At being February at the time, that means there are approximately 789 bodies that come into the corner daily. How alarming! What’s equally alarming is the coroner apparently does not have the staff to keep up with the influx of deceased!

My dearly departed wife is as much a victim as any other families loved one but we all need to start writing our Congress people and other Representatives to look at this and find a humane solution. It is a downright travesty that is occurring to the deceased, their families and to individual cultures (in this case my wife’s Philippine culture).

I strongly feel that the more exposure this problem gets, the louder the voice may become so that it gets attention and families do not have to deal with this kind of grief.

The issue here is that my wife, and us as a family, are literally held hostage by a broken understaffed system which has now cheated me and my family out of any ability to have a proper viewing for my wife. This is completely disrespectful to all families who have lost loved ones and something needs to be done.

Our dead deserve respect, families of passed loved ones deserve respect, and this does nothing for respect of any kind to anyone on any level. If any politician wants to tackle something meaningful, tackle this issue as something clearly needs to be done. Analyze and assist in taking on this broken system. California has enough problems, now which apparently includes properly and timely burying of the departed. That’s a whole new low on the embarrassment scale for this state. It’s a pothole blemish.

Families should have a right to bury their loved ones in a timely manner and have enough grief to deal with when their loved ones die than having to deal with a system holding their bodies as rotational numbers.

As of today, March 14, the coroner has finally performed their examination, release her, and the Mortuary now has her. We can now have our viewing for our final goodbyes, get her home to the Philippines to inter next to her dad and move forward to give our families peace.


Loose Diary – The Tragedy of Cristina Gossett

I apologize in advance for anything offensive. Writing is my therapy to help me through all that has happened to me and my family. All physician information is completely in the public domain and searchable via any search engine such as Google.

Wifes primary care physician
Herman Carillo
14342 Ramona Blvd
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Baldwin Park-El Monte Medical Group
Citrus Valley Physicians Group

JAN 19 and FEB 1
I could not get out of going to Jury Duty on Feb 1 so didn’t go to that appointment at Dr. Carillo’s. My wifes condition is not apparently a valid excuse. I went to the Jan 19 appointment for Dr. Tangchitnob though.
Dr. Dumrong Tangchitnob MD
1135 S Sunset Ave
Ste 401
West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 338-5377
We were not in the waiting room that long which was nice. We were called to a waiting room so my wife sat on the table and me in a chair. The Dr. came in a few minutes later with two young female assistants. I do not recall him saying their names. They had the normal type medical uniform on and essentially stood to the rear of the table my wife was on. I recall the room layout so well that I could draw it.

He had to insert a sonogram tube up her vagina and Ive never heard her yell like that in pain. He kept saying Wow, wow, I have never seen anything like this before. My wife was in excruciating pain, crying out. The Dr was noticeably worried and concerned in his tone and he even looked at me to ask if I was okay because I was immediately worried about my wife and what he was finding. His assistants looked at me as well. I felt helpless because Im just sitting there in a chair, holding my wifes stuff while she is moaning and yelling in pain on the table.

He said the fibroids are huge. I told him Yes, she has trouble having bowel movements and she is always in pain. He apologized to her several times in saying he had to check her anus. She again yelled out in pain. He kept apologizing but continued. He said its huge and blocking her. Yes, we already knew that. I thought why are we just going through this now then if its so bad. Why wasn’t this done in December or January?

He told us that she needs to have surgery right away. He mentioned the cancer specialist Mirhashemi and said he is really the best specialist for this. He said he would call for the specialist himself. Ultimately it meant we had to wait for yet another authorization for something.

This LA Care insurance of my wife sucks.

2:45 PM appointment
Ramin Mirhashemi
South Bay Gynecologic Oncology Associates
Janette Magdirila
Supervisor/Surgey Coordinator
23600 Telo Ave., #250 Torrance, CA 90505
Office: 310-602-5040 Surgery Only
Fax: 310-602-5051
310-375-8446 Appointments
Fax: 310-375-8489

My wife and I left for the appointment in Torrance/Lomita. She cant drive and vibrations from the road exasperate her pain but there is nothing we could do about it. We put the car seat as prone as it was comfortable for her and left.

When we got to the second floor office it was packed. Even people in the hall standing against the wall and sitting down. My wife was able to find a seat in the waiting room after several minutes, I remained in the hall. Other people just left to walk around. I began to pray in the hall, asking the Lord to please give me her pain instead. I paced, walked around in the hall moving my arms around. I noticed a camera so stopped. I didn’t want any trouble from someone thinking I was mental or something.

I saw an old lady and helped her by opening the door to a different office for her. My wife motioned that a seat was open. No sooner that I took it several more people showed up. I thought to myself of how this place even functions being so packed like this. Waited in waiting room for over an hour. The waiting room was still jam packed. All we ever heard from people there is how good he is and that’s why he is so popular. Quite frankly, I now disagree.

We were finally called back, she got vitals and we went to a patient waiting room where we waited another 20 minutes for the doctor. As we were waiting I playfully took a picture of my wife sitting in the examination room chair, kind of holding herself up to take pressure off of her lower area. I didn’t know that would be the last picture i would ever take of my wife alive.

The doctor came in and asked her what’s going on and she explained. I mentioned several times how much unbearable pain she has, so much that she cant get around and is almost bed-ridden. He had her lay on a table and prodded a bit. It took all of about five to seven minutes and that was that. I was personally amazed because I was expecting more like what happened at Tangchitnob’s office with an actual examine.

As we were leaving the room I had to ask them if that was it. We were told to see the scheduling girl and she looked at scheduling and said she doesn’t have anything for at least a month, March 8 or 9 because the doctor is going on vacation. Me and my wife both sighed. I remember the pain in her eyes as we looked at each other. I asked why not anything more urgent because of her condition. I verbally told the girl that my wife is not going to make it that long and what good is an appointment if you are dead. She simply said “You know this is a cancer clinic right?” I thought to myself what the heck is that supposed to mean. We reluctantly took the earliest March date and drove back home.

On our way home I actually felt cheated and that the trip was not worth the meeting with this specialist that we thought it would be. I thought he would notice her pain and immediately send her to a surgery. He did not. Instead we were driving home, waiting for another month to go by. Later that evening, as my wife was laying in bed I recall saying over and over again how stupid doctors are and sarcastically said that I hope that Mirhashemi enjoys his vacation.

FEB 23
I came home from work and as I put my bag down asked my wife how she was. She looked almost asleep and simply said she was not good. I sat at the edge of the bed rubbing her feet off and on during the evening. At one point she got up to take her pain medication, if you call it that, 800mg Ibuprofin, which she said she could only take every 12 hours, and to eat a pop-tart with it. She had an orange earlier as well.

It was hard for her to get around but she wanted to do it. She’s not the type to let a sickness beat her. I cooked dinner but she doesn’t eat full meals because eating will make her want to have a movement. After I fed the boys and her mom I came back into the room. I turned on Food Network because she likes to watch or just hear what happens. She couldn’t sit up completely in bed and had to lay in more a prone position. I rubbed her feet some more and then I turned off the TV and started making preparations for bed. I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom first and she said No. We went to bed.

February 24 between 2:30 AM and 3:00 AM.
My wife went to the bathroom at about 2:30 AM and when she came out of the bathroom she said she was having trouble breathing and wanted to go to ER. She looked to be hyperventilating so I momentarily tried to calm her down while she got dressed. She slowly walked out to the living room and onto the couch laying back while repeatedly saying that she was too young to die in between breathes. I grabbed her purse and me and her mom helped her down to the car.

We were at ER in about seven minutes, having most of the green lights. I was actually driving at a speed to attract police attention to help us get to the hospital faster and never saw a single police car. We went to Huntington Memorial at Congress and Fair Oaks. I stopped outside and saw no wheelchairs. I quickly went inside and saw someone actually sleeping in one.

I told the guy at the desk that I need a wheelchair because my wife is having trouble breathing. They looked around and found one. I got the wheelchair, came back to the car for my wife who already had the door open. Took my wife in and again explained that she is having trouble breathing. She was taken through the door for a vitals by a guy and a girl named Jay.

I explained what happened, that my wife got up normal to use the bathroom and then came out saying she was having trouble breathing and wanted to go to ER so I brought her. I also explained that my wife has been suffering from Fibroids and is supposed to have surgery in two weeks. I mentioned she is spotting, that she had more blood than normal on her panty liner. Nobody really paid attention to that. Jay told my wife she was hyperventilating and told her to calm down and a few times Jay said “Look at me, Look at me, you need to focus”. My wife said she needed oxygen. She didn’t get any right away.

My wife calmed down a bit and then said she needed to use the restroom so I wheeled her to it just behind us and she tried to have a bowel movement. She gave up because she couldn’t do it. The fibroids actually block her ability to have a proper movement. When we came out I told Jay that my wife didn’t go and that its most likely because of the fibroids that block her ability to go.

Jay started an EKG and took some readouts. They moved her to an ICU room and moved her to the table/bed that was in it and she started getting worse. I heard my wife exhaling and moaning loudly. There were several people in the room by this time and I was asked to remain outside the room as the curtain was pulled closed.

Doctor Willard, on that night, introduced himself and asked whats going on. I explained again what happened. He asked if she has diabetes and I said No. He asked if she was on medicine and I said Yes but that I couldn’t recall the medicines at the moment. I did mention she had a pain killer. I didn’t recall at the time that it was 800mg Ibuprofen. He asked if she had any history of high blood pressure and I said maybe, that I couldn’t recall under the circumstances. My head was swimming.

I also mentioned that she has fibroids, is supposed to have surgery and that she is spotting. Meaning bleeding from her vagina. She doesn’t have periods because of menopause. I also mentioned she has trouble with movements because the fibroids. The doctor said Wow, must be pretty big. He asked if she had been moving around and I said No because of the level of pain she had been experiencing was so great.

The doctor went in and started assisting while I waited just outside the ICU room. He came out and told someone that he needs to incubate her. I don’t know what that means. A moment later a woman rolled with a heart defibrillator, looked at me and said it was just a precaution. I was then asked to please wait in the waiting room.

I only sat for seconds when the door opened and a woman asked where the husband is. They told her as I was looking at them. She introduced herself as Nida, the ER Social Worker. She brought me to a small seating area, asked me what happened and then explained that they are working on her because her heart stopped.

I was finding it hard to really acknowledge what she was saying since my wife originally looked to have only been hyperventilating. I remained calm as she spoke with me and said she would be back to update me. I started texting her brother in the Philippines and flat out told him that Cristina is very ill, they are working on her and to get the entire family to pray like they have never prayed before. I started doing the same, begging and pleading for the Lord to take me instead. I was chanting for the Lord to please save my wife.

Nina came back later and told me that they were still working on her and having to perform CPR. I still couldn’t fully register the situation. She left to get an update and then came back with Dr Willard who said they are still working on her. He said they are giving her drugs to thin out her blood in case of a clot and also medicine to try and get her heart beating again. He left and I told him I was keeping faith.

I still remained in a calm demeanor. Freaking out and stuff does nobody any good. Im thinking it was just three years ago that I lost my dad to cancer and now I’m sitting here losing my wife to something else we could not see. About 15 minutes later they both came back, sat down, and Dr Willard stated it was unfortunate but my wife has passed. I was numb, trying to figure out what the heck just happened to my wife. He suggested that the clot may have triggered a heart attack.

I recall saying I was a bit numb and couldn’t think. I sat for a few minutes sort of mumbling about how its not very fair that good people should die. I was also thinking to myself that I was about to drive home without a wife to tell her mother and our two boys that she had died. Nina asked if I would like to see her. I said Yes. She left and came back a few minutes later and lead me to the room.

My wife still had two tubes sticking out of her mouth and little bit of blood on her left hand. I touched her forehead and she felt cold. I noticed her stomach looked a bit larger than when we came in. Her stomach was large because of the fibroid issue and she had fluid build-up inside as well.

I held my wifes forehead and stroked her hair, speechless for a first few minutes. I just shook my head because it didn’t make sense. I said some things to her for a few minutes and then asked if I could have a lock of my wifes hair. Nina said they cant do that. You can only do that after the body is released. I asked her if that means I couldn’t do it either and she said I couldn’t, its rules.

She had a book and showed me what number to call later in the morning. She wrote her name in the book as well in the event I needed anything. She explained about the death certificate, that if the doctor wont sign then the coroner will be called to do it. She walked with me to the door and I left the hospital. I walked to my car in a kind of slow pace because things just felt numb around me. I thought again that I am about to go back home to tell her mom and my boys that she has passed away.

It’s about 5:30 AM and I paid my parking and drove home. I waited several seconds before entering the door and her mom stood up and asked where Cristina was. I took a deep breath and told her she passed away. She didn’t take it well and had such a fit that I thought I was about to have her in the ER as well. I felt like she was on the verge of passing out so I firmly told her that she had to be strong. She has to be strong for Cristina and the boys.

About 6:30 AM I went to our bedroom and started calling family friends to notify what happened to my wife and to please come and console my mother-in-law. My wife is Filipino and her mom does not talk a lot of English so to have them there will be best for my mother-in-law. My boys started waking up and my mother-in-law brought them in as she was still very upset. I was sitting on the edge of our bed and took a few moments to compose myself. I then explained that mommy has been very sick, that I had to take her to ER and that she has passed.

One of my sons was crying and the other not so much. He is autistic and doesn’t fully understand these things. He does understand going to heaven but he never cried. They have both seen me crying and know Im sad though. During this whole experience I couldn’t get it out of my head that I went to ER with my wife and came out with a book basically telling me what to do next and her clothes, I didn’t even get her panties back. Apparently they kept or threw out her panties that had her panty liner on it.

What sucks is we had been to this very ER multiple times since January, even Urgent Care, and complained about the amount of pain she was in. Nobody, anywhere, ever took us seriously. The specialist that was supposed to have performed her surgery could not have done it sooner because he was going on vacation. If he did, I’m a believer that she would still be here today. I firmly believe that.

Approximately 6:30 AM I notified Elijahs one on one aide in his class that my wife had passed away. I called both my boys schools to let them know my boys will not be attending school and why.

Family friends started arriving to console us. After 9 AM I called the Decedent number in the book to inquire about my wife. She asked her name, placed me on hold, came back a minute later and said she had not received anything with regard to her yet. I explained to her about what the social worked told me and this woman explained something completely different to me. She said I have to contact a Mortuary and that they will handle the aspects of getting my wifes and body and stuff.

I started looking online for Mortuaries and came across Cabot & Sons which is local in Pasadena. I called and talked to a woman named Esther and made an appointment for 2 PM. I came in with a family friend and spoke to a man name Wendell. I explained I don’t have money to send my wife overseas so me and her mother had agreed on having her cremated and that we would take her ashes to the Philippines to inter next to her dad. Wendell asked me questions, we agreed on the price and we had a viewing set so that her mom and family friends could dress her prior to the cremation.

I called my Aunt Dena and let her know what had happened. She was in shock as the rest of us are. We spoke for a little while. Later I had called Janette at Mirhamshemi’s office and left a message to let her know that I was right when I told them that she would not make the appointment date that was set. She called me back some time later but it was worthless. Stupid doctor and his vacation was more important I guess. He could have rushed her across the way from his office to the medical center at any time. It’s hard to believe that this was the only specialist who could have performed the surgery…???

FEB 25
Dr. Tangchitnob called me because he had heard of my wife passing and expressed shock. He was asking me several questions, including about any other previous health issues, she really had none. He just couldn’t believe it. He expressed his condolences.

Wendell called me and said that there was a problem with the death certificate. He said that her primary care doctor will not sign it because he felt she was too young to pass away. He said that means that the Coroner will take her for examination. I asked him how long that will take and he responded that sometimes they are quick while other times they are not. He said it should be a couple of days. I expressed I am concerned with that and that it was frustrating but understood. It made me see how I was making a good intended decision but now realizing that at least now we may get some information on what exactly caused my wife’s death. I am not so convinced it was a clot but more from her fibroid issue.

Rasheam, Elijah’s one on one aide in his class stopped by about noon with some food. We talked a bit about the frustrations. He recalled times where my wife would pick up Elijah out front the school but she couldn’t get out of the car so he would help her by getting him to the car. He recalled other times he noticed she was in pain. Elijah’s bus driver, Rhonda, was the same. She told my wife not to walk down our front stairs anymore to have Elijah get on or off the bus but to just send him down or that Rhonda would just let him walk up the stairs to meet my wife.

Rasheam, as well as myself, couldn’t figure out why nobody paid attention to us with regard to my wifes pain. He had me talk to his sister who has some experience in the medical area. I explained everything to her and in a nutshell she told me to document everything because something just doesn’t sound right.

I emailed Claudia Laura from Lanterman and Danielle Gies from PCDA to let them know what had happened and to let her know I will need help to figure out things for my sons services. I don’t want him to lose any services by not being able to meet appointments during our family tragedy.

In monitoring my wifes email, Roxxi Bartlett from Community Works was wondering if Joseph was coming to tutoring. He has missed sessions since I took over picking up the kids because of my wife not being able to get around. He has been going to the Police Activities League since. I called her to let her know what had happened and she said that she will leave a space open for him as I figure everything out.

I emailed two of Josephs teachers, Tovar and Kovacic, to let them know what had occurred. I don’t have a lot of faith in the phone system at either of my boys schools for leaving messages. Miss Tovar actually called me and we spoke briefly which was nice.

I made a reluctant call to the Fidelity people, our life insurance to find out what I need to do. They will send me a packet.

I started going through all of our accounts online to make sure whats what and at least paid our mortgage so it doesn’t get missed. My wife would normally do this since she was the finance person so I never really checked anything. She was amazingly organized.

FEB 26
Helped Nanay try and figure out how to use her SSI credit card because she doesn’t know her pin. Apparently my wife was helping her most of the time with that. I called the customer service number and was able to reset her pin for her. Her and a family friend walked to a teller to try it out. Our family friend told me that Nanay doesn’t know where it is so she went with her.

I took the boys to In&Out, we needed to get out of the house for a breather. Nanay called on the cell just after I already paid, saying she bought sandwiches from Subway. It would have to keep until dinner.

I carved a pair of crosses out of wood, one for me and one to put on my wife. I found a way of incorporating her wedding ring onto my cross so it looks nice. I nice Irish act of love.

I also started going through every paper, bill, etc., I could find everywhere in the house. For a chaotic paper system of having things scattered my wife had things amazingly organized.

Feb 27
Another day of going through papers, bill, etc. Miss Anne, Elijah’s aide in his former class last year came by. She brought food for us, a gym bag for Elijah and visited, that was nice. Merriam, another family friend and from church, came over for a while with her kids. We talked a lot and she mentioned this thing called the Nutri-bullet. Because of being a bit overweight and what just happened to my wife I was all over it and went a few blocks down the street to Target to buy it as I was buying cat litter. I need to do it for my kids and my wife. Merriam also set up to have my wifes name read at evening Mass. We will go to 5 PM Mass at St. Andrews. I kind of like the Father there.

Vanilda, a family friend, came over to cut the boys hair and then we went to 5PM Mass. The lady speaking at the podium announcing prayers for those who have died mispronounced our last name as Gosst and not Gossett though, but God knows her name. I asked the Father after the service where the justice was in taking someone from the earth who had such a good heart and always helped people when the scum of the earth are always left no matter what happens to them. We talked a bit and he said he has no answers. He was in agreement that its something I will most likely find when its my time. He gave a prayer for me and my family. Prayers are always welcomed.

FEB 28
Called the Mortuary this morning and spoke to Chris. He said they last talked to the Coroner’s Office yesterday and she is still not scheduled on their list. He said they call daily. 323-343-0507, case # 2016-1578. I wrote to the Chief of Police in Bell Gardens today, explaining what happened and asked if he could call anyone at the Coroners to expedite. He knew my dad when my dad was on the department back in the day.

FEB 29
Took Elijah to speech at 8:00 AM and then Joseph to school. Wendell Cabot from Mortuary called. I need to sign a consent to release body from coroner although my wife is still not ready as of this morning so he will try again tomorrow.

10:53 AM called Coroner’s Office for status on wife. Said she is not on schedule for today and that I can call back tomorrow. I asked what the average turnaround is for this and was told five to seven days. I will try again tomorrow.

Called coroner again, wife still not on the schedule, this is day five. Release desk suggested calling 323-343-0714 to see if an investigator has been assigned yet. I did and one has not. I explained to the guy who answered that this is day five and that I was earlier told the turnaround is five to seven days. He was polite and told me that the coroner is swamped. He checked and said there is between fifty to seventy-five cases ahead of my wife’s. I thanked the man for his time and said I would check again. He said to try checking on Saturday.

Called coroner, wife is still not on the list for examination today. I was able to piece together the following appointment dates my wife had at Carillo’s office for 2015: 4/22, 6/24, 11/4, 12/3 not sure what each was for though.  I have put anything medical in a single large envelop.  At 8:00 AM called Neli Alishan with IHSS to find out what to do with my wife’s last time-sheet up until the day before she passed away.

Cabot & Sons called me, they called the coroner and my wife still is not on the schedule. Went through more papers at home.

Called the coroner and my wife still is not on the schedule. Went through more papers at home.

Went to evening Mass with friends and we all came back home for a big dinner.

Went to evening mass with one of my boys.

8:00 AM. Took Elijah to his speech services class at PCDA. Called the coroner and my wife still is not on the schedule. Sent back IHSS paperwork to Neli Alishan, now will wait to see if I am granted support services.

12:20 PM Called the coroner and my wife still is not on the schedule. The woman transferred me to investigations. I spoke with a girl named Courtney. She checked to get an estimated time of when my wife might be examined. She said they are just now getting to cases in the 1300’s and that it looks like it could be another week. She asked me questions with regard to her passing. She asked if she died in the hospital and I told her yes, about an hour and a half after we got there. Asked me if she had other health issues and I told her the main one was fibroids of the uterus which had her in extreme pain all the time. She told me that someone had her down as having a thyroid problem. I told her that my wife has never had a thyroid problem. She assured me that they are getting closer and went over my contact information to make sure it was correct. She explained that she asked me questions and took notes in her case so to save time for the investigator when one is assigned.

Took Joseph to school and I went to work for half day. Nanay waited with Elijah for the school bus. Had the kids go back to school since its pointless to have them out while we wait to see when we get their mother back. I came home and made lunch for Elijah for when he gets home. Picked up Joseph.

Kids to school, I went to work half day. Called coroner, wife not ready. Started getting passports together to see what I need to do. Need to get a new US passport for Joseph and new Philippine passports for both. Mine is good, Nanay’s is good as well.

Kids to school half day. They get out early because next week is spring break. I went to work. Picked up Joseph, came home and made them hot dogs for lunch. Nanay said she will cook tonight. Wendell Cabot called from the mortuary. He said that he called the coroner and that they told him it could be up to another ten days. I will keep calling each day because things may change. I have a lot of hatred for this state now.

Called today anyway but told the same thing. Not scheduled for examination. They don’t take calls on Sundays. Tried the Philippine Consulate General again but this time they have not responded back.

FINALLY!!! I just received a call from Kimberly of the coroners office. She said my wife should be seen and released by possibly Tuesday, maybe as early as tomorrow. I will call the mortuary in the morning to let them know so that they can keep checking. Im not sure who all were responsible for this new change but Im first going to give props where they are deserved – thank you Lord!!!!

In checking, my wife is on the schedule today for examination and we hope to have her back tomorrow. Another week or so and it would have been a complete month. This has been one sad emotional roller coaster that I hope to not have to repeat anytime soon in this life. I still thank the Lord and all friends and family for the support we have received over this time.

I have finished my wife’s cross for her to wear. Can be viewed here.

11:55 AM The doctor whom performed my wife’s autopsy had just called me. He let me know that internally around her uterus and stomach area she had a lot of blood. Apparently one of the masses she had ruptured just behind the uterus so my wife essentially bled to death at the hospital. I recall telling the doctor on staff at the ER when my wife was in ICU that there was blood from my wife’s vagina but I doubt they paid attention to me, otherwise they would have checked that out and maybe had her in surgery right away. Still there are a lot of failures to go around with regard to this, more so with the specialist that went on vacation rather than having the time to more urgently address my wife’s condition. In the end my belief remains, if she would have had her surgery earlier then she would still be alive.

The doctor who called let me know he would call me once the detailed report is done so I would know when I could order a copy. I plan on it and plan on seeking legal advice to see if I have a negligence case. At this point I’m simply waiting for my wife’s body to be released.

Update – Mortuary has my wife now. Because of the length of time she has spent at the coroner, the mortuary will prepare her. I will take a dress to them in the morning that was purchased for her. I will also speak to them about blessing her body. More to follow.

My wife needs a lot of work so I gave the mortuary time today to do that so nothing is rushed and we will see her tomorrow.

This is awesome!!!!! Read the headlines that have been flowing out and weep for proper recognition of a failing system!! My pleas that went around to two Congress people, news sites as well as other outlets is simply one spoke on the cog-wheel of demanding someone give it attention but I’m damned proud to have been a part of bringing this issue to light. Im not laying claim to anything but its highly coincidental that I started my personal campaign for this at the same time this went more public in February/March. In any regards, Im happy it has exposure now. Hopefully it wont lose steam and just fall by the side without anything being done.




Had viewing for my wife this afternoon at 3:00 PM. We were able to get a Father to come and bless my wife’s body in a small ceremony.

I saw her first and remarked to her how the Cabot’s did such a good job at making her seem so at rest. I was grateful to them that they also included the cross I made her.

I held her hand and turned into a blubbering cry-baby, telling her how much I’ve begged and pleaded with the Lord to change our places, how I pray every night for a miracle for him to restore her and bring her home. He has the power by breath of nostril to do that. I begged.

I spent a few more private moments with my wife, said a few more things to her and then called our boys in. Both boys had a sort of blank stare, especially Elijah. I told Elijah that mommy is sleeping, at rest in heaven now. He knows about that from his Catechism classes. I told them both that she is resting now.

Next I told Joseph to go ahead and call in Nanay which he did. It was hard on my wife’s mom to see her daughter laying there. She cried and prayed pretty heavy. I hugged her and told her she’s at peace. I told Joseph to go get ate Norma, a friend of our family. She helped console Nanay and at the same time started crying also. After several minutes we let the rest of our family friends in and the Father began his blessing of the body. A couple of us said a few things. I could have said a lot more but those present knew my wife, that was the awesome thing. But that’s really what this was all about, remembrance, last good bye’s and blessing of her body.

During the Father speaking, once or twice I saw Joseph brush away some tears but I didn’t let him see that I saw him. I later consoled Elijah, telling him that we will take mommy to the Philippines soon and he understood that. I have told them both.

Anyone who knew my wife knew she was a simple woman and would not have wanted something overly extravagant, material. She would have known that the true ceremony of her life among family and friends would be done in the Philippines anyway, not the ill soil of the U.S. Come June, we will absolutely celebrate my wife something proper in Pritil.

What was pretty tough for me was holding the phone so that her sister Susan in the UK could view her. I love Susan and her family and the last thing I would have ever thought in this life was that we would ever be on opposite ends of a phone at my wife’s, her sisters, viewing. Never in a million years would I have thought.

It was tough watching her cry. Tough to be helpless from so far, not being able to hug her and try to console her in something that makes absolutely no sense in happening. Even consoling Nanay, I just want to wake up from this bad dream.

Nanay had broke down again but quite a bit more than before, I asked everyone if they would step out to give Nanay a little breathing space and they did. After several minutes we had everyone come back in.

I overheard friends reminiscing about working with my wife, friendships, going shopping, exercising, church, eating, going places, how she inspired people. There was a lot to be said of her. She touched so many.

Towards the end of the viewing, I had told everyone that we would have a gathering at our home and all were welcome. When people had left they said their goodbyes to my wife and we all prayed in mass over my wife.

When all had left, me and Nanay said our last goodbye to my wife. I recall holding Nanay and telling her that its not fair. Something I reiterate a lot. I kissed my wife on the lips and whispered to her “Until our next life”.

I’m sure Nanay has thought the same thing as me, that children should grow to lay their parents to rest and not parents to lay their children to rest. I will be posting video pretty quick but with some respect to my wife so it will probably go out to key family members via Facebook and not in mass. I apologize ahead of time for that but I assure you its totally meant in respect for my wife and family.

Mr Cabot from the mortuary called me, the cremation will be done today. He let me know that the death certificate currently states deferred which is not good. That means I have nothing to give our bank or insurance people. Deferred means there is no determination yet of cause of death, regardless what the doctor who called me stated. I believe its because he sent out some tissue samples to be analyzed so they cant officially close her case yet.

9:55 AM. I called the coroner and asked to speak to their investigations department. Both the lady who answered and the person she transferred me addressed me in a demeanor like I was the last person they wanted to speak with. They have no obvious respect for grieving families and again its deplorable behavior from them. The man I asked the question to at the investigations department even cut me off and just said if the certificate is marked as deferred it will take 6 to 8 months for the final death certificate. Why do I have to be addressed like that in such a demeaning manner? They need some serious sensitivity training. Again I’m just shocked but I hope it doesn’t really take that long.

I read in the latest news articles of the problems with the LA County coroner that it was taking that long but mistakenly thought that with the current attention they were getting that things might be sped up a bit. I see now I was wrong in that assumption. I read how families were losing their homes over the amount of time it was taking because they had nothing to give their banking institutions or life insurance people. As it stands right now, I might have to dip into my retirement fund for a small loan to keep us afloat. Problem is that needs to be paid back.

After all is settled and done, we need to get out of this country for awhile.

So I kind of expected I would begin running into things like this while looking into survivor benefits with Social Security. I checked and it seems I qualify for a lump sum benefit of a whopping $255.

“A surviving spouse or child may receive a special lump-sum death payment of $255 if they meet certain requirements.”

Wow, am I not fortunate?! Why not just rub shit in my face at the same time huh? Maybe that was a lot back in 1937 when the lump sum payments first started but that isn’t anything today. On the plus side though, I may be entitled to up to 75 percent of survivor benefit amount of my wife’s because of the boys but there are other limits to consider.

“Widow or widower, any age, caring for a child under age 16 — 75 percent”

So anyway, I will make an appointment and see what happens. Their office is only two blocks away from me. Better to do it, see what happens than not have tried at all. THAT is something my wife taught me.

This whole survivor-ship journey is really something else. I just want to make sure the boys are at least taken care of and we are able to at least maintain a roof for the next several months. I also need to make a hard book journal of all that needs to be done should anything happen to me so at least Nanay or the person I designate can follow it. Hopefully things will go more smoothly and they can collect my life insurance for the boys. I’m certainly hoping that when that time comes it is far less difficult than what I am going through with my wife’s passing. If I have any control I hope its in old age, my kids are set and its in the Philippines.

Should get my wife’s ashes back on Tuesday. Once that is done I can start making some plans for the Philippines for June. Need to update one US passport for one of the boys though and both need updated Philippine passports.

I have finally finished my cross I was working on which I mounted her wedding ring and that will ultimately hold some of her ashes once I get them, as well as some of her hair. I opted for something a bit more simplistic in design but still used the cross I had made.

I gave Mr Cabot at the mortuary the information for the cemetery my wife will be interred at so that I can get a permit to hand carry her ashes. He gave me advice that in his experience over the years that I should not go through the Philippine Consulate because of the red tape involved. He told me in his experience that the permit is all that is really necessary. Wendell Cabot, at Cabot & Son’s has been a Godsend to my family through our experience. It is almost as if he has known our family, he is that attentive and compassionate. I plan on writing a strongly appropriate letter to Cabot & Sons commending his attention to detail and doing his family name justice. Mr. Cabot has earned a place within my nightly prayers.

I have picked up my wife’s ashes today so now she is home. I also got a permit from the mortuary so I can take her ashes by carry-on when we travel to the Philippines but will also go the route of the paperwork the Philippine Consulate expects. When I last spoke to Mr Cabot at the mortuary I told him I wanted two death certificates anyway, regardless of them stating deferred, so I got those also. Its no good for life insurance purposes but should be in dealing with the Consulate.

I was able to finish and seal my cross with my wife’s ashes inside. I made a small metal insert to contain them and then sealed the end of the cross with a wood plug. Cant even tell actually.

What is it that makes the essence of a man. Is it his deeds, his failures, all of the above? Ever morning I wake up I feel a sense of failure and still being in a void at the same time. Like my brain shuts down but I am cognizant. This is not my normal routine.

I just cant get it out of my head how this all played out. Bleeding to death from one of the masses just behind her uterus that burst, and in ICU of ER of all places? like what the hell!? Whats happened to doctors paying attention to the signs of ailments? Wouldn’t rapid loss of blood pressure and then the heart stop beating at least point to an internal issue? I’m not medical major but it is the first thing that would come to my mind.

I told Dr. Willard who was on that night that she had fibroids as well as blood from her vagina. I don’t understand how he couldn’t put together 2 and 2 with the rapid loss of blood pressure. In about thirty minutes of being in ER she was already in cardiac arrest, by an hour she was gone.

All I know is that if someone, anyone, would have listened to us at anytime between doctors, specialists and ER about my wife’s pain, what she was going through, not having bowel movements, whatever, that she would still be alive today. that mass that burst would have been one among the rest that were removed and it never would have hemorrhaged causing her internal bleeding.

My wife saying over and over that she is too young to die.

If that Mirhashemi specialist would have performed my wife’s badly needed and emergent surgery sooner instead of going on vacation she would still be alive. If he paid any amount of attention to the ultrasound specialists report and what my wife told him then he should have acted on it right away and she would be alive.

Me hauntingly telling the girl making the surgery appointment that my wife will not make it that far and what good is an appointment if you are already dead, eats at me.

On the same coin though I also blame her primary care physician who obviously did not perform proper follow-up and advocate her issue enough. The day she passed was her appointment with the primary care doctor to go over pre-surgery details and in just two weeks past that was her surgery date. Just two damned weeks.

How helpless I still feel by not being able to protect my wife. What more could I have done through all of this?

Telling Nanay and the boys she is gone.

These are all things that haunt me on a daily basis.

Pray for peace? I want some justice. I will continue to firmly advocate that someone somewhere dropped the ball on my wife. Whether its the bureaucracy of the LA Care Health Plan she was on, her doctor or specialists, someone has responsibility for this and needs to have accountability. It’s an unnecessary failure of the system.

I still have several weeks to wait for the final coroner’s report so that I can order one. When I do I plan to have this legally reviewed to see if I have a negligence case. It’s not about money as they couldn’t give me enough for the value of my wife and what our family is missing. It’s about failure and accountability. If it turns out I got nothing to stand on then so be it. My wife would tell me its better to have tried than not, at least I will know.

I don’t know how I do it. I haven’t had my day of mourning yet. And I mean my day. I do what I do for the boys and the good of the family. Down the road, sometime after my wife is safely home on Philippine soil, sometime after the boys are squared away, I’m sure that Nanay is fine, loose ends are tied, I’ll have my moment where it will all come out and lighten the load on my spirit that I currently carry. Until then its left foot first, right foot second.


This is actually for last night. Last night I went back and forth with one of my wife’s sisters with regard to the size of my wifes urn so basically it turned into the idea for her tomb as well. Before it was going to be a simple square one next to her dad but after some thought I wanted it to have an angel on top. I went through two iterations. The first was of an angel sitting on top, leaning against Tatay’s tomb with her head resting on his as you would affectionately visiting someone. The next, and final iteration, is of an angel standing on top with her arms out in a welcoming fashion, a window for her urn and a plaque under that. I will make the box that will contain her urn, carving a cross to be mounted on its front. Pictures are below.

[foogallery id=”2480″]

Still working on passport forms. Will take one of my boys to morrow to get that started and probably expedite. Nanay is good to go, her friend helped her. She said they went to Glendale Post Office and then her friend treated her to all you can eat buffet. Both boys need Philippine passports renewed but because they will have US passports I am not that concerned and can do those more leisurely.

I have filled out the Report of Death forms for my wife and will need to take those to the Consulate next week. Luckily the train runs almost direct to their front door.

In reading more to educate myself, it appears I may actually need an Immigrant Visa for extended stays without penalty, unless I find a US company to work for. I would still get it though if possible. The boys are dual-citizens so they are covered. If I don’t go that route then I simply have to leave once a year for a 24 hour time period. I can do that but we’ll see what happens.

cURL Project Application in C Sharp

Over time, and out of necessity, I have been throwing together a few different tools over time using C# to help me cut down the amount of time it takes me to do certain things. As I create those I make them code generic so as to not include anything company wise and I like to share those projects so that others learning to code or who might be searching for code or projects might find them beneficial.

Testing in a QA/eCommerce environment, I use cURL pretty much daily for clearing Varnish cache when testing web pages across different staging servers and was curious about creating a wrapper for the curl.exe in C# that I could include within my standalone portable tool set. I did some research and although I did find several great resources I chose to stick it out with a Microsoft article I found titled How To Write a Wrapper for a Command-Line Tool with Visual C# .NET. The article gives a great explanation of creating a class file and adding it to a project.

The cURL Project Application

My cURL project simply needs to fulfill the function of issuing a purge command at whatever URL I give it so its geared with this specific task in mind. Normally I would stick the folder to the curl.exe file in my system PATH environment variable, open a command prompt and issue curl -X PURGE v1.cms.servername.com but the task, for me, is to include this within my “forms” tools that I created in c#.

Using CMD

Issuing the curl -X PURGE command in the command console would yield the results below. I just need the same thing in my tool which I can do using return “t” + output in the class file start.cs.



Using cURL Tool

The URL field is for the URL on the server I want to clear varnish cache for. The drop down boxes, respectively, retain the switch and command that I want to issue. The PURGE button simply runs the app and on success will give me a message dialog as shown in the second cURL graphic below. the drop down boxes actually have the switch and command respectively listed three times via loading an array in the form_load event. It’s because I may add a couple more items. If not then I will break these out of an array but still load them in the event.

Code follows as well as a ZIP file to download that contains the project and executable. Enjoy.




Start.cs file based on the Microsoft article

The class can really just get by with using System.Diagnostics and using System.IO. Modify as you see fit for your project.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;

namespace MyCurlApp
    public class start
        internal static string Run(string exeName, string argsLine, int timeoutSeconds)
            StreamReader outputStream = StreamReader.Null;
            string output = "";
            bool success = false;

                Process newProcess = new Process();
                newProcess.StartInfo.FileName = exeName;
                newProcess.StartInfo.Arguments = argsLine;
                newProcess.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
                newProcess.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;
                newProcess.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;

                if (0 == timeoutSeconds)
                    outputStream = newProcess.StandardOutput;
                    output = outputStream.ReadToEnd();
                    success = newProcess.WaitForExit(timeoutSeconds * 1000);

                    if (success)
                        outputStream = newProcess.StandardOutput;
                        output = outputStream.ReadToEnd();
                        output = "Timed out at " + timeoutSeconds + " seconds waiting for " + exeName + " to exit.";

            catch (Exception e)
                throw (new Exception("An error occurred running " + exeName + ".", e));
            return "t" + output;


Main Form1.cs

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Net;

namespace MyCurlApp
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

        private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string[] myList = new string[3];
            myList[0] = "-X";
            myList[1] = "-X";
            myList[2] = "-X";
            comboBox1.SelectedIndex = 0;

            string[] myList2 = new string[3];
            myList2[0] = "PURGE";
            myList2[1] = "PURGE";
            myList2[2] = "PURGE";
            comboBox2.SelectedIndex = 0;


        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

                string output;
                string arg1 = comboBox1.Text;
                string arg2 = comboBox2.Text;
                string arg3 = textBox1.Text;

                // My draconian error control. maybe use a switch case if ever using another paramter
                // than -X. I only purge with this.

                if (textBox1.Text == "" || comboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString() == null || comboBox2.SelectedItem.ToString() == null)
                    //MB works good if textBox is empty
                    MessageBox.Show("Select a valid parameter or URL!");
                    // run if all is cool
                    output = start.Run("Curl.exe", " " + arg1 + " " + arg2 + " " + textBox1.Text, 10);
                    MessageBox.Show(output + "If blank, check the URL");

                //If fields are blank otherwise show any exceptions
                //Should always include basic try and catch in case an error occurs
                catch (NullReferenceException ex)
                    MessageBox.Show("nPerhaps you forgot to select something?n" + ex.Message);

                catch (Exception ex)
                    MessageBox.Show("Well this isn't good! " + "rn" + ex.Message);


        private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string getcb = Clipboard.GetText(TextDataFormat.UnicodeText);
            textBox1.Text = getcb;



Microsoft – How To Write a Wrapper for a Command-Line Tool with Visual C# .NET


Windows 10 Security

Windows 10I was reading an article on the MakeUseOf website that I subscribe to about Windows 10 watching what you do. Not surprising that the Fix Windows 10 link on the page goes nowhere but there are at least two helpful apps in the article mentioned that are good for users who pay attention to the rumor mill of security issues that have been reported as concerns in Windows 10.

I’m somewhat a realist and do understand the pro’s and con’s of using Windows but ultimately go by the general golden rule that nothing is safe or secure. All of the recent hacks of data from big companies essentially enforces the same thing. I do however think it amazing how Windows users (of any version) complain about the lack of security and then cry foul when Microsoft actually implements more of it.

Microsoft is ultimately not only acting on the best interests of its user-base but the interest of its OS. A more solid product would obviously mean a more solid user-base, but like that’s even a problem for Microsoft. Anyway, that said I don’t plan to comment any further on the latter.

I have worked on a myriad of Windows PC’s though to know that the issue is not always Windows on its own but the sometimes idiot users using them. Users going to game sites, online movie streams, porn sites, whatever and not fully understanding what they are clicking on or otherwise getting themselves into.

User education on the proper use of Windows, for the most part, is still a must. I know people who are completely clueless on how do something as simple as sending an email let alone using a search engine. Certain aspects of the lack of computer education will certainly end in my generation while flourishing quite well in the next, such as my kids generation, as computers are almost mandatory in schools now as well as is computer education.

Changing to a different OS such as Linux or OSX, Chromebooks, Android, whatever, is not a real solution to security as some purport as each has their own set of security issues. In the old days hackers and script-kiddies wouldn’t even give MAC or Linux OS’s the time of day as they were not as widely used. Once these OS’s made their way more mainstream they then became an interest to them and vulnerable. Now we have seen the horror stories

I’m not going to side with these scrupulous people but I cant say I’m totally against what they are doing in showing the vulnerabilities of these OS’s. It would be nice if it could happen in less catastrophic ways but in some ways that’s what is necessary to get a point across. Politeness in notifying OS developers I don’t believe has ever statistically gone well. Ive worked around developers before and “some” have a chip on their shoulder that their code can do no wrong (denial), have an OH SHIT moment or sit on the issue too long until after it has become a major problem.

In any regard, I think Windows users should prepare themselves mentally for the future as Windows gradually gets more and more “security” features rolled into it. Not just to keep Windows echo system as safe as possible but to also save Windows users from themselves.

I’m expecting flack for some of this but right or wrong, I’m just speaking my mind while being open to criticism.

Changing Your Privacy Settings

If you want to change your privacy settings in Windows 10 to elect information you want to share with Microsoft:

From your Windows desktop, click on the Start menu and select Settings > Privacy.

For more info, see the item below in reading resources with regard to the Windows 10 and privacy FAQ.

Some good reading resources:

Preventing comments on the image attachment pages in WordPress

I think Don’t Tread On Me has pretty much lost its meaning these days, especially with regard to spamming. I really hate spam and wish nothing but wicked things to those who do it. In any event, lately I had started seeing spam type comments cropping up on image attachment pages of my site and in checking them out I had no idea that comments could even be placed on these pages. Perhaps I missed that in reading the WordPress Codex at some point or I just plain forgot.

I’m not sure why WordPress does not have a central settings area specifically for controlling comments but it would be nice. Essentially this is left to configuring by way of manual editing of code or using third party plug-ins and I question the necessity of the latter since it seems like a no-brainer to just add the functionality.

The way WordPress handles comments currently allows someone to click on a thumbnail of an image and that in turn displays the image as a post along with a comment area under it. I guess comments on individual images is valuable in some way?


In any regard, it really drove me nuts whenever I would get a comment notification, review it and find it was on the image page in Russian, jibberish or just nonsense text so I decided to review some of the php files to look for anything related to comments.

I’m currently using the Misty Lake theme by Automattic and noticed in the Image Attachment Template (the image.php file) that towards the bottom it instantiated a call to comments_templates.

mistylake code_60

After making a backup of the image.php file, backups are always recommended, I used the editor in WordPress to removed the line, updated it, and now the comment area no longer appears on image attachment posts.

I will need to remember this moving forward should I ever update the theme as I am sure at some point the image.php file will be updated and I will need to manually remove the line again. Equally, should I change themes I will need to remember to double-check comments. It has actually been a few weeks since I made this manual modification and I have not experienced the spam as I was before. Hopefully the info will help someone.

Well, as an update to this, I decided to create my own custom-functions.php and add a function to do the above.

function DisableMediaComments( $open, $post_id ) {
$post = get_post( $post_id );
if ( 'attachment' == $post->post_type ) {
$open = false;
return $open;
add_filter( 'comments_open', 'DisableMediaComments', 10, 2 );

The code above should generically work within any theme. There is also another way, based on the comments_template line I removed from the theme I am using. Change the comments_template line from this:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

To this which will only show a Comments form if the parent post has comments enabled:

<?php if (comments_open($post->post_parent)) {
} ?>

So with the above, if your post is enabled for comments then so will any attached images. Otherwise, if comments are disabled in the post, they will also be disabled for attached images. I believe I Googled the aforementioned and saw it on a few websites/forums so kudos go to whomever posted it first.

In any regard, I still elected for the function in my custom-functions.php file. To me its just easier that way and I don’t have to worry about any code changes to the theme.

String-tie Beads for Guitars/Uke’s

IMG_20150510_182803I use a variety of both nylon as well as steel/bronze strings in my ukulele and guitar builds and at times wanted a more exotic, yet still quick, way of tying strings.

Most often I use whats called a floating bridge, not really conventional, and when using a through-neck design on my builds the holes are often drilled through the tail end of the neck.

Well, I have hangers on my wall for one of my guitars and a ukulele and happened to glance up and see the G string broke. Probably a joke in there somewhere but anyway, there was a bit of string left but not enough for me to back it up and restring it.

I headed out and a few blocks down the way to Guitar Center and they had nothing but Soprano and Concert size strings and then down to Old Town Music in downtown Pasadena but the three story garage for free parking was closed. That pissed me off so I went back home. I ended up calling them but they had none in stock either. Like what the hell?!

I decided to just order on Amazon since I had some credit. In cruising around Amazon looking for replacement Tenor strings to order I came across an item called a string-tie bead that lets you quickly tie off the string and they sometimes increased intonation. Being intrigued, I looked into them further and found that these little rectangular, and round, time-savers are made out of a variety of substances such as plastic, stone and wood.

I thought well heck, I can make those. After about a half hour of research I sat down with my Dremel, pull saw and some dark stain and made a few out of some scrap maple wood I had to try out. Needless to say I was not disappointed in their use.

I was able to salvage the existing string and used the other beads on the existing strings. After re-tuning the strings, my ukulele actually sounded a tad bit louder and cleaner, the sound resonating better through the box. I ordered strings on Amazon anyway since they are so much of a hassle to pin down anywhere.

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Quick Uke Bridge

I was playing around with some configurations on paper for a bridge mock-up that I could use on some of my ukulele projects and decided to just keep it simple. This is just a test bridge made from some wood ribbing of a cigar box that I had in my parts drawer.

I like the simplicity of this bridge and how quick I could cut it out with just a pull saw and some wood files so I will remake a couple from maple or something to use for permanently mounting rather than using a floating bridge all the time.

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